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The godless are the dull

and the dull are the damned

Your Very Own
11 August
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Nunc tibi me posito visam velamine narres
Si poteris narrare, licet.

"An increasing number of people who lead mental lives of great intensity, people who are sensitive by nature, notice the steadily more frequent appearance in them of mental states of great strangeness ... a wordless and irrational feeling of ecstasy; or a breath of psychic pain; a sense of being spoken to from afar, from the sky or the sea; an agonizingly developed sense of hearing which can cause one to wince at the murmuring of unseen atoms; an irrational staring into the heart of some closed kingdom suddenly and briefly revealed."
-- Knut Hamsun, From the Unconscious Life of the Mind

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You, my gentle reader; I, your fearless narrator.

john locke's titanium weiner